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Work Management

A Unique collaboration tool including Task, CRM and Project Management

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Online Storage

Store documents, images, recordings on server. Guaranteed Security.

Why to choose WMS ?

MarkTeQ has launched WMS, a versatile, comprehensive and super easy to use SaaS based collaborative platform. It is an amazing, versatile and wonderful all in one combination of useful management tools that enables one to reach ahead of competition to the desired destination.It takes total care of Task Management, Event Management, Project management, Sales Management and, importantly, CRM. It isthe only one product in the market facilitating all these in one single product.

MarkTeQ WMS takes total care of all these problems and simplifies the functioning. Work allocation can be done at any time (24x7) and even when away from office as MarkTeQ WMS allows use from Mobile Devices. The employee can retrieve task allocated to him at his/her convenience using any device. The work done has to be noted in the system and the same gets automatically reported to the TL. Facilities like Time Mapping, Screenshot,allows complete remote monitoring/evaluation and evidence-based performance even with hand held devices, activity analysis based on snap shots of pc etc. Client access panel (optional) allows client to see the progress directly. It also facilitates adding of followers, consolidation of comments and notes at a single point. In short, MarkTeQ WMS is a complete comprehensive collection of all the tools one needs for perfect managerial efficiency.

No enterprise can succeed or even survive for long without full patronage of good number of fully satisfied (rather delighted) customers. CRM module of WMS helps a company realize its full potential for achieving CustomerDelight with optimum resource allocation. With its help one can marvellously manage Clients, Leads and Accounts. Its contents help one identify and exploit Opportunities of fortifying customer service to the full. A delighted customer is the single most resource for name, fame and profit.

Monitor team performance based on task has been executed. Daily, Weekly & Monthly reporting gives you confidence on number of task executed by your team. It also helps you to improve the speed of work by examining work executed on daily basis. WMS gives you amazing control on task execution of your team, you can review the task before your team member mark it as complete.
You can share the task between your team, your team can work parallaly on single task. Task can be of clubbed of multiple sub task, means one task can be divided into multiple sub task and you can assign this club task to your more than one team members to work simantenuosly.

WMS is not only helps you to manage the task but it also keeps care of your revenue. WMS gives you list of task for which bill needs to be generated.

Your data is safe with us. All the communication is encrypted using 128bit SSL security. All the private data is stored encryted so no one can access to your private information.

Key Features

task allocation

Task Allocation

Our System Provides Fast, Easy & Flexible way to allocate task(s) to members of your team. Two ways to allocate task: Daily: Tasks which are to be assigned and completed on daily basis, Recurrent: Tasks where the same task is to be executed. Over a given period of time.


Files & Notes Bindings with Task

Multiple files (document, images or audio) can be attached to task. These files can be viewed from anywhere. During task execution can be recorded along with files, which can be used for future reference or can be emailed to respective person.
time tracking

Time Mapping

Our software will calculate actual time taken in executing or completing the allocated task. You can start time counter from web, mobile, desktop with just a single click.

Event Planner

This interactive event planner will help you to organize all your events with least effort and max ease. Create an Event, Send Invitations, and Create Event Time Table and/or fix Venue/Location.
time tracking

Real Time Tracking

With inbuilt smart phone application of WMS location and movement of each field worker can be tracked and found on map in real time. This acts as a roving eye on the field staff. WMS has facility to track PC activity. It sends screen shots at specific intervals to the reporting authority enabling him to keep real time track of office staff performance.

Reporting with audio clips/snaps

WMS facilitates attaching audio recording and/or snaps while reporting. This allows complete and perfect documentation of the task.
time tracking


List of items to be executed along with respective priority will be always in front of your eyes as a reminder you can maintain and share checklist items with your team members.

Instant Messaging

Seamless internal communications play a vital role in team building and project management. WMS supports instant messaging inter say. This obviates use of any other means of communication and/or message/chat facility.

Task Reminder/Notification

Our background mass mailing application will never fail to remind your task via email. You will get an email at start of your work and before 15 minutes of next work to be executed. It also reports in the same way to the reporting authority. Daily/Weekly/Monthly task execution report will be sent to the reporting person.


So far we have seen how WMS can take care of all your management needs. Performance Report, Task Execution Report, Team Working Report, Project/Client wise Task Execution Report facilities of WMS will generate reports of your team’s accomplishments.
Task Planner

Planned Task

A very unique feature of WMS, sometime a single task can be diveded into more than one task. Cobination of more than one makes one task. Planned task can be excuted and allocated to more than one team member and they can simultaneously work on single task.
Task Parallel Working

Parallel Working

More than one team member can work on single task parallelly. Manager can monitor simuntenuosly working on single task.
Billable Task

Billable Task

Task can be categorized into different type of work category which can be billable or non-billable. Billable task can viewed by the billing department team member. Based on that they can generate the invoice for the respective clients.
Task Approval on Completion

Task Completion Approval

Task can be sent for an approval on completion. Approval authority can review the working and approve/reject the task.




This feature of the CRM module of WMS allows you to decide realistic targets that are achievable. Aiming too high or too low brings failures and frustrations. This in the end leads to loss of business and, more importantly, loss of customer confidence. This feature enables you to set realistic targets, monitor the progress and constantly keep a tab on the performance. This, obviously, augurs well for the Customer Delight.


Here is a powerful tool for Lead Management to convert even a flicker of a lead into revenue generating asset. Systematic analysis and superb follow up aids helps you in formulating perfectly balanced invincible strategy.


There are more than one persons from a company dealing with a particular project for the purpose of CRM, dealing person or as client, as we call it, is of importance. CRM of module of WMS recognizes importance of the client and enables the user to get maximum benefit through direct interaction with that client. This provides super smooth customer relationships.


Success or failure of an enterprise is but a story of opportunities seized or missed. The environment constantly throws countless opportunities. A successful enterprise should be able to first recognize and then convert them in to profitable business WMS helps you there.


Better accounts-management ensures harmony and makes the process of sales to businesses with multiple contacts easy and efficient. Servicing B2B clients with multiple contacts is made easy by WMS. Organized, systematic and constant interactions at appropriate levels are of vital importance and are a high priority area for smooth and superb seamless customer relations management. This provides vital support to and boosts sales team.


Team Work

Team Work

True Team dynamics determines level, extent and quality of successful Project management. WMS enables you to achieve excellent team coordination through assigning and sharing of tasks, monitoring and reporting of tasks, measuring time taken and still required etc. This put you in complete command of the performance. With WMS by your side the success is but natural.
Project Task


A project comprises of various tasks and tasks or activities to be accomplished in a given time frame and in a pre-decided manner. The task is broken down in a series of assignments with defined start and end dates. WMS helps you monitor performance, speed and completion of each assignment separately giving vital cues for ensuring Perfect Project performance par excellence.
Notes & Files


It is of vital importance to keep record of all the activities. Notes section of WMS platform is useful here. Notes can be added, searched and refereed whenever necessary. Files section helps you store all related files for easy access. Files can be organised as per category and/or project and also marked for limited access. Users can have notified about creation of new files.
Project Meeting


Meetings play important role in team building and sharing, exchanging and pooling of ideas. Meetings Section of WMS platform ensures maximum multiplier matrix of meetings as it helps in scheduling and notifying meetings, preparing agenda, creating reminders and all such useful functionalities. It also allows knowing day, time, venue and participants of a scheduled meeting.
Project Discussion


Discussions or exchange of ideas, formal or otherwise, adds to learning, understanding and evolving newer and more effective ways of achieving desired goal(s). WMS facilitates discussions and recording the new ideas generated. These are stored in the system for future use and reference. Points put forward by different members can be discussed freely and threads replied.
Project Planning


A great importance is attached in management sciences to planning. We can say, ‘well planned is half done’ WMS enables you to decide scope of the project, plan schedules and time required for each task. These are listed and grouped into a suitable work break down structure. WMS generates regular progress reports based on these parameters as the project progresses. This ensures total control over the pace and progress of the project.


Inventory Management

Inventory Management

Maintain your inventory organized with multiple prices, Stock details, Category, Reordering details, Taxation details.
Purchase Management

Purchase management

Generate purchase bill, auto stock update on order received, multiple payment entry option, vendor wise purchase order.
Sale Bill

Sale Bill

Generate Sale bill for the customer or account. Add multiple services/products for billing, auto inventory support. Shipment details, taxation, multiple payment collection, discount, individual product taxation. Send Bill via Email.


Send quotation of the etimated pricing to the customer. Generate a bill from quotation.
Auto Purchase Order

Auto Purchase Order

System will generate auto purchase order for the product below inventory cut off limit.


Maintain customer account transaction. Maintain balace, set credit limit for customer or account.
Return Sales

Return Sales

You can generate revised sale bill and your stock will be adjusted as per returned items.


SSL Certificate

Data Security Assurance

128-bit encryption is used to protect your data along with many other security aspect, we assure you that your data is safe with us.
Even from your mobile devices all the data will be transferred in encrypted format to keep your data safe during transfer.

People behind MarkTeQ WMS

  • Maulik Shah
    Maulik Shah
    Founder & CEO


  • Keyur Kamdar
    Keyur Kamdar


  • Viral Shah
    Viral Shah


  • Kiran Khatri
    Yash Patel
    Lead Designer


  • Ankur Akavaliya
    Ankur Akvaliya
    Sr. Programmer



Kamlesh Joshi
Kamlesh Joshi Owner of
Trading Company

Amazing product, we improved work efficiency. On the go work monitoring. Excellent support. Waiting for more updates!!

Apurav Sheth
Apurav Sheth
Owner of Construction Group

It really helped me to monitor work of my site project engineers, site progress. Important work I can directly allocate to my team without need of calling. Excellent work and very easy to access. Its fast in lower bandwidth too.

Saumil Shah
Saumil Shah
Owner of
IT Company

Actual project tracking now in hand. No need to manually maintain time sheet for all team members. Monitoring tool helped me improve efficiency of my team.

Hasmukh Desai
Mr. Surendra N. Shah Chartered Accountant Owner

This product is going to be very helpful in various industry. We are excited for next release with new features.

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