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The best way to manage Business is here.

Simple, fast, secure all in one business management tool.


Automated Process Workflow

We’ve created the most convenient way to automate your work process flow in a single click. Automate allocation of the task, check the status of the process, send to rework if work is not in proper manner from previous department.


Helpdesk - Immediately Answer or allocate work to Client Query

WMS Helpdesk will be the significant tool for your support team. Easily search clients by number/name/email, view previous conversation of other teammember with client, provision to generate new leads into system, assign a work to department or initiate a process workflow for client, view status of ongoing work.


Never forget the services offered to clients

Every single efforts you did for client to offer a services need to be tracked and considered by you and your client. Beginning from the lead generation till the projects completion WMS combines and gather all work at one place so you don't forget to generate the bills for the important advice or work you have did for your client.


Client Access Area

Client gets real time status of the work with facility to interact with team members to review and monitor their work and gets access to file repository. It gives you real time tracking of work actually given to your team directly by client which normally assigned using telephonic call or email.