facebook Customer Relationship Management


Lead & Clients

Track a watch on how many leads are actually converted to client and from which source you are getting more business. Store all important information of the client into system. Keep track of how much work has been executed in between lead to client generation.


Opportunities which found during prior discussion with lead/client. Sales team can work effectively on ongoing opportunities. Sales team target and company revenue generation can be measured on conversion of opportunity to work.

Calls or Conversations

Log all the conversions taken place with the client and setup the followup for to team member or other department.

Client WMS Account

Create a login of WMS for your client to monitor & assign work to team member working for client. Share a files with client which can be dowloaded directly from WMS login.

Reminder Emails

Setup a reminder for client or group of client for any information to be sent to client at regular interval. WMS will send the reminder to client email without failed.

Record a Call

Record a telephonic call and upload in client conversation without any interaction.