facebook FAQ - Registration


Registration & Payment Relevant information

To create an account you have to first create company account from here:Register Company Account.
Company registration process is in 3 steps. In first step you will have to provide basic company information, location, timezone and administrator login information. In Second step you will be shown different subscription plans, choose the plan which best suits your needs. In last step you have to select the duration for which you want to subscribe and provide payment information. On verification of payment your account will be activated. You will have to verify email address to login into WMS.
To create an user account you will need security code and company code handy provided during company registration. These two code is for verification & identification purpose. You can obtain this code from your company administrator. Create an account from here: Register User Account.
On successful registration you will receive mail for email verification, which is mandatory to complete the registration.

Company administrator need to activate the account by navigating to Settings-->Team/Account Activation menu. List of new registered teammates will be shown their which need to be activated to enable WMS access to account.
You can pay either using offline or online methods. If you have selected credit card/debit card/net banking in payment method, after reviewing your application you will be redirected to our payment gateway checkout page. Please do not press back button or refresh page in between. If you want to make offline payment you will need to select cash/cheque/bank transfer payment mode in third step of company registration. Later you will have to send us payment details via email on info@markteqwms.com within one week of registration else your account will be deactivated.
WMS is free to use upto 5 teammates, select "Starter" when subscription package are shown during company registration. You can use it as trial or demo or actual management purpose.
No, we do not provide money back facility.
We do provide appropriate message for login failure. There can be one reason from this:
1. Invalid login details, please verify login details
2. Email Address Not Verified, You will receive an email to verify email account, please check your email account along with spam/junk folder.
3. Company Account Not Activated, contact company administrator to activate company account.