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The best way to manage Business is here.

Simple, fast, secure all in one business management tool.

The most advanced Task Manager

WMS has the most advanced task management platform offers you the seamless functionality which helps to organize & montitor work of team.

  • Assign a task to teammates or departments
  • Repeatative task
  • One shot group of task allocation
  • Task time tracking, parallel working task montioring
  • Task priorities, SMS Task Alert*, Deadline based tasks
  • Files binding, voice,image,file or text notes
  • Transfer task other team member
  • Task grouping by client, projects, work types
  • Sub task facility
  • Hash tagging for faster task allocation

Workflow - never miss the process

If you have the fix set of process to follow for any work, to maintain & monitor the workflow is going to important for you.

  • Create multiple workflow and define set of task to each department
  • Attach a default file attachment with workflow task
  • Settings to define execution rights and notification
  • Reports to check workflow status by clients
  • Provision to send for workflow task for rework to previous department

Auto work billing - Never forgot to generate invoices

Mention billable work details immediately on completion of work and send it to accounts to raise the invoice in single click.

  • Maintain stock/inventory and default rate of billale service or products
  • Generate quotation/sale bill in a single click for respective client
  • WMS keeps the stocks/inventory management on completion of work
  • Provision to change default rate in final sale bill
  • Facility to email sale bill/quotation to client

Alerts - It does the important job for you

Make an habit to listen from your client that information is received without failed from your company!! Yes its possible with WMS Alerts

  • Set an alert for single or group of clients in single shot
  • Customized email templates for email message
  • WMS keeps email sent logs along with auto task entry
  • Alerts can be hold for single or group of clients
  • Set an alerts linked with your task

Project Management - All you need to manage project execution is here

WMS keeps all information of project organized and easily accessible helps you to execute the project with ease.

  • Project planner, plan project execution by milestone
  • File repository with access rights to keep all files organized
  • Cetralized project dash area to access all information at one place
  • Team member wise total working hours, total task executed reports
  • Discussion area to discuss with project team member on specific topic
  • Schedule a meeting, invite team member and client, maintain remarks of outcome of the meeting

Customer Relationship Management - a tool to achieve customer satisfication

#1 CRM to organize sales leads and its conversion, client information, followups & revenue generation.

  • Provision to incorporate all possible client information
  • Physical documents inward, outward and rack management
  • Client WMS account to directly assign, monitor work and access file repository
  • Lead management and conversion tracking by source, industry
  • Opportunities and revenue generation from it
  • Keep all types of communication with client logged in calls. Schedules its follow ups access to call histroy
  • Store all document in clients file repository
  • Record a call from WMS mobile app and auto save to client log and work history
  • Assign call followup and task between departments
  • Alerts/Reminders to client

Online Storage - Safe & Secure document storage

Store all documents of client, task, project, notes or other on WMS online file repository.

Do you want to store documents in your storage space ?
You can switch the storage space to your storage space in single click. All documents will be stored in your server.

  • Secure document storage, all files stored with encryption
  • Folder structure to properly organize the documents
  • Fully manageable file access rights

Accounts & Inventory

Keep all quotation, sales, payments, stock records handy with WMS SIMS tool.

  • Maintain stock transaction, auto reorder on critical stock level
  • Send quotation to client via email using WMS
  • Generate sale bill instantly from quotation or completed works
  • Maintain taxation by inventory on in general
  • Keep track on monthly revenue generation
  • Payment reminders for pending payment of sales bill
  • Purchase & vendor payments management

Helpdesk - Information desk

Customer service desk to instantly access customer ongoing work details, followups status or to assign work to team.

  • Easily search customer by their primary details
  • View/Assign customer call followup
  • Check status of previously allocated work
  • Assign task to department or initiate workflow

Customer WMS account

Customer gets real time status of the work with facility to interact with team members to review and monitor their work and gets access to file repository. It gives you real time tracking of work actually given to your team directly by client which normally assigned using telephonic call or email.

  • Assign team member to customer account
  • Assign/Monitor work of team
  • Access to file repository, easy & safe file sharing
  • Access to reports

Secure Storage

WMS offer the secure storage option with all subscription plans.

  • Encrypted storage system
  • Switch storage to your storage space