A new way to manage your business is here!

WMS app is your handy tool to manage your business, work, clients, accounts, projects & team. Improve efficiency of your work.



ERP Suite for SME

WMS helps you to manage all your business needs. It is most advance tool for task management, project management, customer relationship management, sales & inventory management, helpdesk and much more.


Smart Notification

WMS never going to allow to miss your work (if you really don't want to !! ). WMS uses multiple type of notification which will remind you the work to do.



WMS keeps your data secured using SSL, File & Data level Encryption. All important data are encrypted & backed up.


Store Files in your Storage Space

Store files in your server. Keeps you worry free document storage system. WMS will shift file system to your server and will use your server for upload, download and sharing files.

App Features No setup fee, no minimum spend.

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Benifits of your Pocket Work Partner!

Effective Work Management

Now you will really able to manage your work in meaningful way. Manage your day to day work, recursive work, deadline based work, combined work, group work, review based work, time logging, email reminders to contact & status of your work.

Easy Project Planner & Manager

Organize project execution plan & execute it in single click without forgoting your important plans for project. Organize a milestones, files, meetings, group discussion, files & team for your project.

Never Forgot Customer Communication & Followups

Keep a log of every communication or work you do for customer, assign a follow up which need to be taken in future wither by you or other department, plan the expected revenue generation from customer. WMS Smart notification system will never let you miss the followup or work you have schedule for customer.

Perfect Pocket Work Partner

No matter where you are what time it is, WMS keeps you always updated about your pending works, department works to be assigned, services to be provided to customer, pending payments and many more. Be the outstanding performer of company by using WMS.

Designed for all industries

Available Across Major Platforms

Why WMS ?

MarkTeQ WMS, a versatile, comprehensive and super easy to use SaaS based collaborative platform. It is all in one combination of useful management tools that enables one to reach ahead of competition to the desired destination.It takes total care of Task Management, Event Management, Project management, Sales Management and, importantly, CRM. It isthe only one product in the market facilitating all these in one single product.
MarkTeQ WMS takes total care of all these problems and simplifies the functioning. Work allocation can be done at any time (24x7) and even when away from office as MarkTeQ WMS allows use from Mobile Devices. The employee can retrieve task allocated to him at his/her convenience using any device. The work done has to be noted in the system and the same gets automatically reported to the TL. Facilities like Time Mapping, Screenshot,allows complete remote monitoring/evaluation and evidence-based performance even with hand held devices, activity analysis based on snap shots of pc etc. Client access panel (optional) allows client to see the progress directly. It also facilitates adding of followers, consolidation of comments and notes at a single point. In short, MarkTeQ WMS is a complete comprehensive collection of all the tools one needs for perfect managerial efficiency.
No enterprise can succeed or even survive for long without full patronage of good number of fully satisfied (rather delighted) customers. CRM module of WMS helps a company realize its full potential for achieving CustomerDelight with optimum resource allocation. With its help one can marvellously manage Clients, Leads and Accounts. Its contents help one identify and exploit Opportunities of fortifying customer service to the full. A delighted customer is the single most resource for name, fame and profit.
Monitor team performance based on task has been executed. Daily, Weekly & Monthly reporting gives you confidence on number of task executed by your team. It also helps you to improve the speed of work by examining work executed on daily basis. WMS gives you amazing control on task execution of your team, you can review the task before your team member mark it as complete.
You can share the task between your team, your team can work parallaly on single task. Task can be of clubbed of multiple sub task, means one task can be divided into multiple sub task and you can assign this club task to your more than one team members to work simantenuosly.
WMS not only helps you to manage the task but it also keeps care of your revenue. WMS gives you list of task for which bill needs to be generated.
Your data is safe with us. All the communication is encrypted using 256bit SSL security. All the private data & files are stored encryted so no one can access to your private information.

Features that Helps you in Business Management


  • Advance Task Manager
    WMS helps you to manage your tasks. Easily find out the work to do, previous pending works or repeated followup/ work to do.
  • Task Time Tracking
    Multiple time stamp for task can be logged. Time tracking can be start or pause for multiple times. Cumilative of all timestamp will be logged as total work hours. Multiple task or parallel working on single task time logging can also be logged.
  • Notes - A Digital Writing Pad for Task
    No need to use papers to write down notes related to your work. Now you can write as many notes you want for each task. You can store text notes, voice recording, photographs, files or call recording into notes. Notes are shared with the manager & co-teammeber for the task.
  • Billed Task
    On completion of the work you can select or add the product/services you have provided for which bill need to be generated. All billed task will move to sales department.
  • Review Work on Completion
    Provision to assign review on completion task. It comes for approval before completion if it is not as the required it can be reassigned or mark as completed.
  • Department Tasks
    Task can be assigned to other departments, department managers will further assign task to team member of that department.


  • Lead & Clients
    Track a watch on how many leads are actually converted to client and from which source you are getting more business. Store all important information of the client into system. Keep track of how much work has been executed in between lead to client generation.
  • Opportunities
    Opportunities which found during prior discussion with lead/client. Sales team can work effectively on ongoing opportunities. Sales team target and company revenue generation can be measured on conversion of opportunity to work.
  • Calls or Conversations
    Log all the conversions taken place with the client and setup the followup for to team member or other department. Record a telephonic call and store in client conversation.
  • Client WMS Account
    Create a login of WMS for your client to monitor & assign work to team member working for client. Share a files with client which can be dowloaded directly from WMS login.
  • Reminder Emails
    Setup a reminder for client or group of client for any information to be sent to client at regular interval. WMS will send the reminder to client email without failed.

Projects/Client Works

  • Project Details
    Organise project details at one place, milestones, team, discussion, files, work reports & client details.
  • Project Planner
    Plan list of work to be carried out, execute & assign work to team directly from the planner.
  • File Storage
    Store all project related files into repository, share with team member or client with access rights.
  • Discussion Forum
    Project team member can create a topic and start a discussion with other team members
  • Meetings
    Setup a schedule of meeting and invite team members and client to take part on project meeting. Invitation will be through email to all participants.
  • Task & Notes
    Find all work executed for the project at one place. Work report shows task executed by each team member seperately and how many work hours has been taken to execute all task.


  • Inventory/Service Listing
    Maitain multi pricing stock or services provided to your clients. Facility to remind and generate purchase order if quantity below minimum quantity.
  • Purchase order
    Generate purchase order for vendors. Inventory will be updated on receive of purchase goods.
  • Quotation
    Generate quotation and send it to client email id directly from WMS. Generate invoice from quotation.
  • Sales/ Invoice
    Generate invoice, send it to client email id directly from WMS, maintain multiple payment details. View pending payment bills directly from dashboard & mobile app.
  • Payment Reminders
    Send payment reminders to client email id.

Optimized for your business & work

We've created the fastest and most convenient cloud technology to help you easily and more efficiently manage your business & work .

WMS is a seamlessly perfect tool for the boses & team of company.

Imporves Working 98%
Improves Client Support 96%
Imporves Revenue Generation 97%
Reduces Uses of Multiple Tools 80%