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Advance Task Manager

WMS helps you to manage your tasks. Easily find out the work to do, previous pending works or repeated followup/ work to do.

Task Time Tracking

Multiple time stamp for task can be logged. Time tracking can be start or pause for multiple times. Cumilative of all timestamp will be logged as total work hours. Multiple task or parallel working on single task time logging can also be logged.

Notes - A Digital Writing Pad for Task

No need to use papers to write down notes related to your work. Now you can write as many notes you want for each task. You can store text notes, voice recording, photographs, files or call recording into notes. Notes are shared with the manager & co-teammeber for the task.

Billed Task

On completion of the work you can select or add the product/services you have provided for which bill need to be generated. All billed task will move to sales department.

Review Work

Provision to assign review on completion task. It comes for approval before completion if it is not as the required it can be reassigned or mark as completed.

Department Tasks

Task can be assigned to other departments, department managers will further assign task to team member of that department.

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